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On the 28th, 29th & 30th of October, recuperated enterprises, work collectives and solidarity movements from Italy, Greece, Bosnia, Croatia, Turkey, France, Spain met in Thessaloniki, at the recuperated factory of Viome, in order to talk about the present we are building and the future we are dreaming of. A present of resistance, a future without submission and exploitation.


  • Global capitalist crisis, austerity, devaluation of labour power and
    popular resistances: analysis from a workers’ economy perspective. The
    meaning and role of self-management in a changing global context.
  • Self-managed work, recuperated enterprises and work collectives:
    Problems, opportunities and challenges in their operation within the
    market. Repression, co-optation and demands towards the state.
    Convergence and divergence with the traditional cooperative movement
  • Self-managed distribution and alternative trade networks: A space of
    resistance and organization.
  • Self-managed production: Dealing with administrative, productive,
    technological and legal challenges, in conditions of absence of financing
    and technical expertise. The role of sharing and networking.
  • Overcoming marginality and empowering self-managed workers
    over and within the economy: Cooperation, solidarity, sustainability
    and productive efficiency.
  • “Fortress Europe”, “labour mobility” and North/South relations:
    Overcoming borders and building new bonds in the Euromediterranean
  • Challenges for the 21st century labour movement: Union
    bureaucratization, precarity, self-employment, unemployment, and
    informalisation. Responses on behalf of self-managed labour and new
    forms of unionism.
  • Overcoming race, gender and social inequalities and addressing the issue of social reproduction in self-managed endeavours.


Program – Program draft English(1)

Videos with audio in Greek:

(English final report shall soon be available)

Closing session, summary of the meeting, perspects and objectives for the future


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