Call for Participation to the VI International Gathering


Call for Participation to the VI International Workers’ Economy Gathering

The VI International Gathering of “The Workers’ Economy” will take place in Argentina between August 30th and September 2nd, 2017.

We invite the participation of all workers from recuperated and self-managed enterprises, cooperatives and social and popular economy organizations, as well as trade unions and academics interested in and committed to self-management practices and the project of a new workers’ economy.

The opening event will be held at the worker-recuperated Hotel BAUEN in the City of Buenos Aires (that is currently facing risk of eviction ordered by the court as well as the Argentine government). The rest of the gathering will continue at the facilities of the Textiles Pigüé Cooperative, a worker-recuperated factory in the interior of the province of Buenos Aires.

This new, sixth edition of the International Gathering will take place ten years after the first edition was organized by the Programa Facultad Abierta (Open University Program) of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Buenos Aires in July 2007. Subsequent editions have taken place in Buenos Aires (2009), Mexico (2011), Brazil (Joao Pessoa, 2013) and Venezuela (Punto Fijo, 2015). Beginning in 2014, regional gatherings have also been taking place in South America, Europe and the Mediterranean, and in North and Central America, the last of which were held in October and November 2016 with the participation of representatives from 30 countries.

This new International Gathering will be held in a particular moment when a workers’ economy based on self-management appears to be more and more needed as an alternative to savage capitalism. This is particularly so given that our contemporary capitalist order increasingly condemns the majority of the world’s working people to exploitation, precariousness, and unemployment, while unleashing wars, discrimination and destruction throughout the planet. In Argentina, where the sixth edition of the gathering of “The Workers’ Economy” will take place, one of the world’s most extensive experience of self-management and the recuperation of workplaces faces the offensive of this new stage of neoliberalism. Amidst this reality, we invite you to participate in this new edition of the International Gathering, which intends to bring together and extend the numerous debates, discussions, and shared experiences of the three most recent regional and earlier International meetings. At the same time, it aims at broadening and strengthening the debate and “The Workers’ Economy” network’s organization.

In addition to the sessions that will begin on August 30, the VI International Gathering’s local organizing committee is planning activities and visits to social organizations and worker-recuperated companies in Buenos Aires one week prior to the gathering. The organizing committee will also guarantee transportation logistics for all participants from the city of Buenos Aires to the city of Pigüé, where most of the gathering will take place and which was already the site of the First South American Regional Gathering of “The Workers’ Economy” in October 2014.

The schedule of the prior activities will be available in June 2017.

Download the full version of the call in Pdf.

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