(Hospedaje/ ESP)


Accommodation in the town of Pigüé and surroundings.

This is the list the available hotels. If interested in making a reservation you may get in touch directly, mentioning that you are coming for the Gathering and if you are making a group reservation. In this case you may ask for a discount.

Hotel accommodation in Pigüe- 2017

Apart form this it is possible to rent apartments and rooms in private homes. We can also make a reservation for you directly, just send a mail to the organization. If you provide to reserve yourself, we do kindly ask you to inform as where you should be staying.

Extra-hotel accommodation in Pigüe – 2017

You may also get in touch with the local tourist office at ( tel. 02923-47627).

For any doubt don’t hesitate to contact us at

Accommodation in the city of Buenos Aires

For those arriving to the City of Buenos Aires before the 30th, we recommend that you stay in the Hotel BAUEN, the recovered company where the opening of the Gathering shall be held. To make a reservation, please fill in this this form or you may directly write to , making sure to write to us communicating your days of arrival.


Solidarity accommodation in Pigüé 

Solidarity accommodation in Pigüé (from the night of the 30th to the 2nd) is being organized by the local Committee. In this case we have a number of beds and spaces available, but please be sure to bring sleeping bags, and to give us notice of any special need.

Since the municipality of Pigüé is roughly 7 hours away from Buenos Aires, we are also trying to provide cheap contribution – based transportation from Buenos Aires to Pigüé and back, for those in need (leaving the night of the 30th and returning on the 2nd).

All this is organized through the register, for any special needs you may contact us at


We are organising transport between Buenos Aires and Pigué at a lower fare than regular transport. To reserve your trip, please fill in the form on transport and other issues that we are using to organise the logistics of the meeting.



Lunch on Friday and Saturday is being organized by the local committee, and shall be provided by local activities. The idea is to provide food at low price so to cover the cost.

Participants should provide for their own dinner on Thursday, while nearby cooperatives are happy to offer participants a free dinner on Friday evening.

The local organization shall also provide two breakfasts and a snack free, or for voluntary contribution.