Thematic streams and submission’s deadlines

Notice: the final date for the submission of  abstracts and workshop proposals for the meeting has been postponed to the 30th of June.


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Each thematic stream provides an orientation for the discussion themes that will be debated during the International Gathering. They shall be used as reference for the organization of the program, based on the proposals recieved.

  1. Political and economic analysis of the global capitalist crisis

  2. Self-management as practice and as alternative project

  3. The challenges of unions and other forms of waged workers’ organizations facing global neoliberal capitalism

  4. The growing precariousness and informality of work: Exclusion, inclusion or reformulation of the way of working in global capitalism?

  5. The workers’ economy and issues relating to gender

  6. Articulation and integration of the workers’ economy

  7. State and public policies in the workers’ economy

  8. Popular education and knowledge building in the workers’ economy

For further information about previous gatherings you may see the contents page, and visit the page of the Facultad Abierta Program.

Deadlines for submitting paper proposals and presentations

Abstract submission: 30 June 2017

Abstract approval: 2 July 2017

Full presentation or paper submission: 30 July 2017

The paper proposals and presentations should be presented in an abstract no longer than a single page. We recommend that they should be accompanied by a suggestion regarding in which of the thematic streams listed above it should be included. In case of approval, the final paper or presentation should be a maximum of 15 pages, in Times New Roman or Arial 12, in 1.5 line spacing. The approved presentations shall be loaded on a web page before the Meeting.

Deadlines for the presentation of workshops, books, journals and audiovisual works

Submission: 30 June 2017

Approval: 3 July 2017

Workshop proposals are welcome, since they help debate and  reflection, helping to deepen issues and situations related to the main thematic streams of the Gathering. During rhe last regional and international gatherings these spaces allowed to test new forms of exchange that we try to encourage.

If presenting a workshop, we ask for your proposal to include and specify:

Coordinators: people who are in charge of coordinating the activity during the workshop and/or should be referents for correspondance and phone calls;
Introduction: Brief and clear statement of the issue that should be developed and the objectives of the proposed activity;
Methodology: Description of the work dynamic proposed;
Requirements: any physical equipment in needed (open or closed space, chairs, tables ect.). Other equipment should be guaranteed by the workshops organizers;
Number of participants: specify the maximum and minimum number in order for the workshop to take place

Lenght: estimated in Hours (maximum 3 hours)

If you would like to submit a presentation, a workshop, launch a book, journal or audiovisual work,  please contact the organizing committee: You must also fill and submit this form to ease the organization committee’s work.